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It’s Vegetable Time!!

Thank you for supporting our family owned and operated business!

It’s finally time to plant all those yummy veggies.... tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, peas.... all the things you love to grow and eat. 

At Fisher’s Gardens we grow all of our vegetable plants right here in our own greenhouses.  And if you come in over the summer you can see our own personal tomato garden growing right beside our vegetable house.

Stop in soon for the best selection!

If you missed it....we were on an episode of ‘Out and About Columbus’ a few week’s ago.  You can check it out here (we’re at 17:35 in the clip).

TIPS FROM THE FARM:  My Dad and Grandpa Fisher, along with my Mom, brothers, sisters, and myself, planted and worked the family vegetable farm, growing fresh vegetables to take to the produce market.  One of the tricks my Dad and Grandpa did was trench plant the tomatoes to give them the biggest root system and therefore produce the juiciest tomatoes.  Instead of trying to explain this, watch this tutorial of Brian showing you how it’s done.  (Our son, Alex, created the video.)

Here are some pictures, below, of what the root system of our tomatoes looked like at the end of the season after we pulled them up.  Amazing!